Saturday, July 4, 2009

..all about busy..

slam..erm,im just returned back from KL (s.alm actually) after sttled all things about LLB..

first, my registration as LLB student on 1july,alhmdulillah berjaln dgn lancar..just for a minute i think..when i went to faculty counter for registration and everything had changed..erm..actually i got list of my classmate n the important thing is i got list of firmates a little bit blur at that time..not becoz i didnt know my firmates but i not in the sme class wif by closed,i really understand what all the lecturers are talking about LLB..DONT EVEN THINK THAT U WILL IN THE SAME CLASS WITH YOUR FRIENDS..just b prepared for really understand now...really really understand..hu3..what can i said,just be professional n be nice to your firmates n the most important thing is try to build a good teamwork in a firm..insyaallah...i hope,wif the blessing from Allah,i will success wif my firmates..
chaiyOo FIRM 4 GROUP F..hu3...what i know,starting next week all of LLB student part1 will be really2 bz..ape2la kn..

second,about kolej kediaman..erm,how should i put it..really complicated situation and my friends went to kenanga to ask about our application to stay in kolej but the result was really sad...not even one of us had accepted to stay in kolej and our application only will be process after 6july and the result only release on 12july..that means,1 weeks from now..arggh...that was the worst thing that happen yesterday..WHERE SHOULD WE STAY??? HOW ABOUT THE TRANSPORT ?? just make all of us more tension besides think about LLB( that already make us tension from the beginning) ..its really make me want to take out my brain,basuh2 and than put it back..ha3..

third,kenduri cukur jmbul naufal..erm,tomorrow will be a big day to my new nephew..AHMAD HAZEEM NAUFAL...congrats this morning me and my siblings start to prepare for tomorrw's kenduri..we need to clean our house inside and outside..basuh plut,rendam pulut,basuh kuali,periuk and all the thing that will be use for really tired..and this evening, we will start cooking for tomorrow dishes..arggh..whatever it is, we really need to finished all things b4 kenduri tomorrow to make sure everything will done smoothly..insyaallah...

forth, packing my stuff...this is the thing that make me worried a lot..why??? erm,biasela bile knduri msti keadaan kucar kacir,im 100% sure tht, its really hard for me to packing my stuff in dis situation...i should not blame anyone but arggh..i know things will get, i really need to be cool and do my things without disturbing others work rite?? hopefully la kn..if not, my parents will be bising2..yela,org tgh sibuk kemas pas knduri,aku sibuk nk kemas brg aku lak..mmg huru-hara la jdnya..

dhlakn..asyik bla..bla..bla.. here and there je..hu3..

...aku yg sedang blogging tgh2 malm xamik pusing hal org lain amik corner je..ha3..

pergh..its really hard to write in english..hu3..but practice make perfect rite???


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