Wednesday, March 16, 2011



erm.xde nk cite byk sebenarnya pasal muffins ni. erm, just nk share with u all tentang aku n adik aku pnye xtvt last weekend..hi3..kitorang wat muffins la!! 1st time tau..ha3..nama post pn muffins kn..ha3..actually, my sis nk wat muffins sbb one of the requirements dlm subject english

----since i had mention english, now i will write in english..ahaks..---------

she told me dat its something dat relates to communications and public speaking (forgive me sis if im totally wrong ;D) so, she decided to make muffins and in her english class, she will explain how to make muffins..before she explain to the whole class, she think its better for her to do some practice (its really make me laugh because she never make muffins but she want to teach her classmate how to make muffins..owh, dear..such a clever gurl..hi3..

so..process of make and bake muffins begin now.......

stage 1 : mixed all the ingredients

stage 2 : baking process

stage 3 : done!!

*for the 1st timer, its forgiven ;D

==the end==

thats all for today.c u all next time.have a nice day.wslam..

....aku yg nk teringin nk muffins...


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