Wednesday, April 13, 2011

tiga belas.13.thirteen.


since today is 13.04.11, just give me idea to post something related with number thirteen or in bm we call it nombor tiga belas.

maybe for others this number doesn't brings any meaning.but for me, its really meaningful.



1st = my birthday is on 13.7.

-dats why i said it really meaningful to me ;D
- i dun want to talk much about my besday since my priority of this post is for 2nd reason..which is below this....

2nd = my engagement date is 13.2.
-so, its easier for me to remember two important date in my life.hu3..
-just want to share several pictures during my engagement's day.


me & my fiance with my u all.saranghae.
나는 이런 것을

me with my sisters in law.say cheese.hu3

me with my best friends.
from left - zaharah, madiah, yati, mar n ida.thanks guys.


-may Allah bless both of us & semoga jodoh kami berdua berpanjgan.ameen.

...aku yg saje nk wat new post...


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