Saturday, December 5, 2009

between fb or fs...

rite now i think my attention to fb (facebook) is less than my attention to fs (frienster)..mybe becoz fs had their new look and what can i said is not bad and i like!! hi3..rite now frankly speaking i give my attention more to fs..and one thing i had realized that my sis, instead of being active with fb, she also active with fs..such a brilliant gurl in keeping in touch with her friends just becoz some of her friends didnt have fb acc..not like me becoz when active with fb, i've already inactive with fs..maybe it is a matter of friends becoz friends influenced us a lot..yela, bile seme dh g fbook n no more at fs jd kite pn dh xsemangat..mujurla some of my friends ade kat fb and xde kat fs and sebaliknye la, ini mengingatkn aku kt all my friends kat really sorry guys:)
k la, see u next time guys...suddenly i think about my old friends..dont know why actually, really miss them...hope all of them will success in future..insyaallah...
.....aku yg tetibe tringat kt mber2 lame..


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