Saturday, June 27, 2009

am i ready for this??

slam...erm,only 2days left b4 i go back to shah alam to continue my studi in LLB..i will reg on 1july but the class only start on 6july..right now i really dont know whether am i really ready for this or not?? hu3..this morning i had washed all clothes that i wnt to bring to s.alm..frankly speaking, im quite tired..can u imagine,i need to separte all that clothes b4 washing referred to clour..yela tk mengelakkan ade bju yg turn clour..sorry,i dont know what they called that word in english..hu3..

after finished washing, i went to town, looking for new shoes for me to use in LLB..cari punye cari,pusing pnye pusing..i still cant find it..i dont know why..maybe bcoz im being too fussy or what..but what can i say, it is just not my taste and the price also quite, what should i do??? right now i had only one pair of shoe that i bought at pesta pantai last month...but the problem is i dont know whter it suitable to wear it to class..hu3..

the only shoe that i had
price : RM13
place : pesta pantai rompin
do think it suitable or not??

whatever it is..the major problem right now that make me unable to sleep well when im thinking about it is place where i need to stay..erm..i've already sent the application letter to stay in kolej( really thankful to azah n miel) but the result only released on 6july..but, wht if i dont get it..where should i stay..arggh..right now,its really hard to find rent house bcoz studnt usually find it before start the new sem..erm..i really hope tht i will success in my application to stay in really redha..hope for blessing from Allah..

sometimes, i think im not really ready for this..but, i know i still need to face it..because,the chance only comes once in our life rite?? so i need to appreciate it..insyaallah,i will try my best in LLB..bak kata my feberet sentence, berjuang hingga titisan dakwat terakhir..hu3..if later,i faced with difficultly or tough situation i really need to go through it..chaiyOo efa!!! insyaallah..ameen.. all my friends, wishing us best of luck in LLB k..

....aku yg pening pk pasl nie..

p/s: sorry for my imperfect grammar..hu3


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