Sunday, June 14, 2009

why i like you EunHyuk Oppa..

..biggest pic of eunhyuk oppa..hu3

..eunhyuk oppa.. my fren already know among suju mbers my feberet oppa is eunhyuk..he was really a good dancer n also good rappers in suju..whether we realize or not in most of the mv of theirs songs, my eunhyuk oppa always in front line when dance time..and sometimes he will made solo performance of his dance..waaa..really cute my oppa..huhu..

..just my man..hu3

arggh...he just make me crazy..

..i heart u oppa..

erm,since he was a rapper so im a little bit upset bcoz in their 3rd album my eunhyuk oppa does not sing much..but his appearance with this 3rd album comeback already make me crazy..erm,very smart n thats my man..huhu..personally i really like his appearance in its you mv..eunhyuk oppa!! love u so much..

..enjoy my oppa dance!!

..aku yg minat eunhyuk oppa...hu3..


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